Ethanol Racer

Written by Jonathan Eisenthal

Stock car racer Greg Jensen believes in ethanol.

He races 30 or more nights a year in the US Racing Association stock car events at Deer Creek Speedway in Spring Lake, MN.

By profession, Jensen auctions farmland and farms in southern Minnesota and Iowa, and whenever he gets up in front of a group, he gives a sales pitch for ethanol because this high quality, homegrown, farm-based fuel is a win for farmers, a win for motorists and a win for the economy. Jensen has watched the power of ethanol bring about a renaissance in rural Minnesota and it’s made him a true believer.

A stock car racer for the past nine years, Jensen decided last year that he wanted his engine builder Kevin Stoa, KS Engineering, in Albert Lea to rebuild his fuel system to work with a high ethanol blend.

He has raced on a high ethanol blend this season and he hopes to win over other racers—a half dozen, including his team partner J.J Wise, plan to use the fuel next season.

Stoa, a champion stock car racer himself, has worked as an engine tuner and machinist for the likes of Dario Franchitti (this year’s Indy 500 winner) and Pablo Montoya and the Target team.

Stoa wasn’t interested in going into ethanol unless he could enlist the very best. He and Jensen agreed to hire Baker Carburetion in Mechnicsberg, PA to build a carburetor that would do a high ethanol blend justice. Then they tested the engine on a dynamometer on a range of ethanol blends from E30 upwards and found that E75 combined with 25 percent 114 octane racing gasoline outperformed straight 114 gas.

You can hear their story on the You Tube video Ethanol Racer:


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