Guardian Energy Holdings invests in Ohio plant

(By Holly Jessen, published in Ethanol Producers Magazine)

Guardian Energy Holdings LLC has acquired a majority state in a 54 MMgy ethanol plant in Lima, Ohio. ICM Inc. will retrofit and upgrade the plant, which has been standing idle since November 2008. Construction has already begun and the facility is expected to be operating again by the second quarter of 2011. “Everyone is excited about it,” said Don Gales, CEO of Guardian Energy. “We like the geography and when ICM gets done rebuilding the plant we will have a very durable and cost-effective plant.”

…The plant will operate under the name Guardian Lima LLC. It will be managed by Guardian Energy Holdings and have Renewable Products Marketing Group as its ethanol and distillers grain marketing partner. Guardian Energy Holdings founded RPMG in 1996.

In all, 31 full-time employees will be hired to operate the plant. An additional 60 construction jobs will be created during the retrofit. “

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Our Take:
Guardian Energy reflects the creativity and agility that’s possible for the farm-based energy industry. While profitability is definitely at the top of the agenda, this group of farmer-owned ethanol companies achieves a longer-term vision and plays to strengths that publicly-owned ethanol companies can’t match.

And at this moment when we appear to be looking down a long road of tough economic challenges in America, and a long term of fighting uphill to make gains in employment, here is a company bringing valuable construction work, followed by full-time highly paid jobs to a region that has suffered from the overseas evacuation of American manufacturing jobs. We already send our money overseas for so many of our daily consumer needs–why not keep more of our energy dollars here in America, and put Americans to work like Guardian Energy is doing.


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