New whey-based ethanol plant to rise soon

OWEN, Wisconsin — Ground will be broken this month for two major agriculture projects in Clark County.

A ceremony was planned Monday afternoon to start the first building at the new Central Wisconsin Agri-Business Innovation Center in Owen. Next week, another ground-breaking will mark the start of construction for Dubay Bio-fuels – a facility that will use a cheese by-product called “whey permeate” to make ethanol.

The initial building at the Agri-Business Innovation center will have space for a business incubator, classrooms, meetings, labs, and offices.

It will be located on Highway 29, next to land that’s been proposed as a permanent site for Wisconsin Farm Technology Days if the show ever wants to end its traveling status.

State Commerce Secretary Aaron Olver will attend the ground-breaking for the Greenwood bio-fuels plant, along with Caseus Energy C-E-O Alex Reyter.


Our Take:
Look who else is profiting from the rise of the ethanol industry. If America puts some more muscle behind renewable transportation fuels–approving E15 for all light-duty gasoline engine vehicles, putting ethanol pumps in every gas station (ethanol has to be as user-friendly as gasoline if it is going to compete), and requiring flexible fuel equipment standard in all light duty vehicles–then there is no doubt that many industries with a biomass-based waste stream will be able to invest in facilities to turn that waste into energy. That goes for municipalities too–think of every city’s compost facility as feedstock for ethanol production. It’s time for America to get really serious about getting off of oil. It’s not that difficult to see how it could be done.


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