The latest facts on MN ethanol

(from a report issued by Minnesota Department of Agriculutre)

Minnesota has 21 ethanol plants with a total annual production capacity of 1.1
billion gallons or 3.3 million metric tons (2010).

• Ten of the 21 ethanol plants are farmer-owned co-operatives, bringing direct
 economic returns to farmers and rural communities.
• Among the ethanol plants, the annual production capacity ranges from 22 to 110
 million gallons per plant, or 8 to 40 million bushels of corn processed.
 Minnesota’s ethanol industry has a “multiplier effect” that benefits many
 economic sectors across the state, including agriculture, manufacturing,
 transportation, services, construction, and trade.
• At the 862 million-gallon production level in 2009, Minnesota’s ethanol industry
 generated an estimated $2.5 billion in total economic output and 6,854 jobs.
• The 1.1 billion gallon production by 2010 is projected to generate a total of $3.1
 billion in economic output and 8,395 jobs.

See full report:

Our Take:
It’s time to remind the naysaysers what homegrown, farm-based renewable energy is all about. It turns energy from a liability into a powerhouse for economic development—supporting jobs, economic activity and helping to end our addiction to foreign oil.


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