S.D. to be No. 1 in blender pumps

$1M in federal money could add up to 100 fuel tools in 40 communities
(By Thom Gabrukiewicz)

Move over Minnesota, South Dakota now will become the nation’s leader in the number of ethanol blender pumps.
Lt. Gov. Dennis Daugaard on Wednesday announced the recipients who will divvy up $1 million in federal stimulus money that could add up to 100 blender pumps at 49 gas stations in 40 South Dakota communities.
Station owners applied for grants worth up to a $10,000 per pump to offset installation costs.
Blender pumps cost about $25,000 each.
The equipment mixes unleaded gas with higher blends of ethanol, from 10 percent ethanol for regular passenger cars and trucks to 85 percent ethanol for flex-fuel vehicles. The pumps would allow consumers to choose their blend, even ethanol-free gas.
“As of June 1, there were 157 service stations with blender pumps in 14 states,” Daugaard said in a statement. “Minnesota was in the lead with 49, and South Dakota had 42 of them. I’m proud to say that this grant program will make South Dakota the national leader in ethanol blender pumps.”
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Our Take:
We love a little good natured competition—now that South Dakota has thrown down the gauntlet, it’s up to Minnesota to take this up starting next January when the government reconvenes, with a new governor and new elected representatives in the legislature, to see if Minnesota can’t up the ante once again. So far, we’ve gotten to 60 blender pumps using a combination of funds from federal and NGO sources like MCGA and American Lung Association in Minnesota. Isn’t it time for the state to find some more dough, so we can keep this poker game going? It’s one where everyone leaves the table a winner.


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