Getting the word out with E85 and blender pump promos

Written by Jonathan Eisenthal

 The Minnesota Clean Air Choice Team is running three high blend ethanol promotions this week and next. By offering E85 at a reduced price they are hoping to draw more flexible fuel vehicle owners to come in and try a tank-full and see how it measures up to gasoline. For regular E85 users, the event will be a celebration and a reward for using the fuel that ranks much better than gasoline for pollutants and greenhouse gas emissions.

 The Breckenridge Tesoro station will be home to Minnesota’s latest “blender fuel pump” – a pump that allows the consumer to choose among a number of different blends of gasoline and ethanol from E10 through E85. Minnesota currently leads the nation with 60 blender pump installations (as well as more than 355 fueling sites for E85).

 Right now there are 157 blender pump sites in 14 states. South Dakota is positioning itself to become a leader in this renewable infrastructure—the state government announced plans to devote $1 million in federal stimulus funds to a program to help pay for blender pumps.

 “We think once flex-fuel vehicle drivers try a higher blend ethanol, they won’t go back,” said DeVonna Zeug, a farmer in Redwood County and president of Minnesota Corn Growers Association. “Not only does E85 get you from A to B with great performance and drivability in a flex-fuel vehicle, but it feels good to do the right thing. Which would you rather support—Minnesota farmers and American energy independence, or more oil spills from offshore drilling?”

 Drivers who want to find out if the vehicle they drive is E85 capable should visit the web site

 Farmers are pitching in with their clean air partners to sponsor events where biofuels will be offered at a reduced price. Minnesota Corn Growers Association, along with local corn  and soybean groups in Renville and Clay counties have joined together with American Lung Association in Minnesota and the Minnesota Clean Air Choice Team to create these promotions and raise awareness of farm-based renewable energy. The North Dakota event has drawn a broad spectrum of government agencies and farmer groups together. Supporters of the Bowman Travel Center promotion include the Frontier Travel Center, North Dakota Corn Growers Association, North Dakota Department of Commerce, North Dakota Renewable Energy Council, North Dakota Ethanol Producers Association, General Motors Corporation and the American Lung Association in North Dakota.

 Upcoming Events:

 Friday, June 18, from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.
Annual Customer Appreciation Day Biofuel Promotion
At the Handi Stop
515 E. Highway 212
Bird Island, MN
This promotion will offer 85 cents per gallon reduction for price of E85 during the three hour event, and 20 cents off of B5 biodiesel.

Friday, June 18, from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m.
Bowman Blender Pump Grand Opening
Frontier Travel Center
705 Highway 12
Bowman, ND
Anyone who fills up with ethanol-based E85 fuel or the E30 gasoline-ethanol blend will get $2 off their total bill.

Thursday, June 24, from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m.
Breck Tesoro Blender Pump Grand Opening
206 S. 5th St.
Breckenridge, MN
Breck Tesoro will reduce the price of E85 fuel by 85 cents per gallon, and will offer a 20 cent per gallon discount on their E20, E30 and E50 fuels during this special promotion.


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