Growth Energy partners with Thorntons to establish 20 new E85 Stations in five states

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Jefferson City, MO — Growth Energy has joined forces with Thorntons Inc., a leading, independent gasoline/convenience-chain retailer, to establish 20 new E85 stations throughout five states. Growth Energy will provide funds to support the installation of new equipment to dispense high level blends of ethanol. Thorntons has become a part of Growth Energy’s 2010 E85 and Blender Pump Program, where funds are provided to retailers to establish mid and high level blend infrastructure throughout the country. Over 60 new mid and high level blend sites have been provided financial support in 2010.
“It’s exciting to know that Thorntons, one of the largest gasoline retailers, is working to establish such a large network of E85 fueling stations,” said CEO of Growth Energy, Tom Buis. “We are delighted to collaborate with them and commend Thorntons on their leadership of promoting this clean burning, alternative fuel.”
 “We are very excited about the expansion of E85 fuel in our stores,” said Matt Thornton, Chief Executive Officer of Thorntons. “We support the use of ethanol, wherever it is economically available.”
E85 locations working to be established within the next few months at Thorntons Convenience Stores in the following areas:
Island Lake, IL; Volo, IL; Lakemoor, IL; Third Lake, IL; Woodale, IL; Terre Haute, IN; Evansville, IN; Greenwood, IN; Lexington, KY; 2 in Louisville, KY; Galloway, OH; 2 in Columbus, OH; Canal Winchester, OH; Cincinatti, OH; Hamilton, OH; Cincinatti, O;H Fairefield, OH; and Lebanon, TN.
“We are pleased to partner with Growth Energy on the expansion and promotion, and appreciate their financial support of the expansion of our E85 fuel offerings,” noted Thornton.Growth Energy continues to encourage fuel retailers which have an interest in establishing mid and high level blend ethanol dispensing facilities to contact our offices to determine eligibility for support.
For more information on the 2010 Growth Energy E85 and Blender Pump Program, contact the Growth Energy Market Development office at 1-877-485-8595 or at

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Our Take:
We hope our readers can take advantage of these new E85 locations in their summer travels.

It took 12 years from the passage of the Federal Aid Highway Act in 1944 until President Eisenhower signed the bill that would fund meaningful Interstate highway construction. We can’t afford to wait 12 years for the federal government to catch on and take up the kind of program that Growth Energy is trying to do from the private enterprise side.

The result of Ike’s leadership was almost 43,000 miles of modern, functional highways that interconnected the people of the nation and created a long-term boon for the economy. America’s domestic car companies have promised to add nearly three million flexible fuel vehicles (FFVs) per year—half their production—by 2012. Now we need a fueling infrastructure system that will allow FFV drivers to travel every one of the 42,795 miles of federal highway (and many thousands more of surface roads in cities, towns and across the wide open spaces) without worrying if they can refill with E85 (85 percent ethanol).

E85 is the fuel that will reduce the need to send soldiers overseas, reduce the chance of future oil gushers in our coastal waters, reduce the number of dollars leaving our economy to buy energy, reduce a host of air pollutants that impact the health of thousands of people every day, reduce greenhouse gases going into the atmosphere and increase economic vitality in every state by creating new jobs, and strengthening farm, trucking and construction sectors, among others—in other words, we can look forward to a brighter energy future for our country.


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