Growth Energy Now Offering Blender Pump Financial Support

Growth Energy’s Market Development team is now offering funding to retailers to assist in ethanol blender pump infrastructure. Grants of $2,500 and $5,000 are now available on a first come, first serve basis to vendors who wish to install new or convert existing equipment for ethanol fueling. These grants are in addition to any Federal or state grants or incentives a retailer may be eligible.

“There are over 8 million flexible fuel vehicles across the country with more being produced in each model year. Unfortunately, of the 161,000 gasoline stations in the U.S. only 2,200 offer E85 where FFVs may fuel up with a high level blend of domestic, renewable fuel such at 85% ethanol . . . another 133 offer mid-level blends,” said Growth Energy Market Development VP, Phil Lampert. “Growth Energy is pleased to offer this assistance to retailers across the nation and we hope that they avail themselves of this unique opportunity.”

Growth Energy can also offer pump imaging and technical assistance along with the grants. You can find the two page outline of the Infrastructure Development Program by clicking here. To apply for the funding, click here. For questions regarding the program, please contact the Market Development office at (573) 635-8445.

Our Take:
Minnesota leads the country with more than 350 E85 locations, but there are nearly 3,000 stations in our state. That means we can make more progress in assuring the higher ethanol blends are available to any driver that wants to use them. And there are probably drivers who haven’t even thought about higher blend ethanol, but they would try E30 or E50 if the price is right and a blender pump suddenly shows up at the corner gas station.

That means the next step is in our hands. Next time you are fueling up, make sure your local station owner knows about Growth Energy’s offer. In addition, have them check with American Lung Association of the Upper Midwest—the point organization in distributing state and federal grant moneys that are available for ethanol infrastructure.


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