New law may spur more ethanol blender pumps in S.D.

Gov. Mike Rounds signed House Bill 1192 into law, paving the way for more ethanol blender pumps in South Dakota.

The measure will set aside $1 million of stimulus funding, which will provide $10,000 grants to gas stations to offset the cost of installing an ethanol blender pump. The pumps mix unleaded gasoline with higher blends of ethanol such as E30 (30 percent ethanol) and E50 (50 percent ethanol).

“I applaud the bill’s prime sponsors Rep. Mitch Fargen and Sen. Dave Knudson, as well as Governor Rounds and the legislators who passed this law for supporting clean and renewable ethanol,” said South Dakota Farmers Union President Doug Sombke. “South Dakota Farmers Union has worked hard over the years to help educate gas station owners and the public about blender pumps, and we fully supported this effort.”

Gas stations are able to access more than one grant. They will be awarded $10,000 for each blender pump they’re willing to install.

Posted by The Argus Leader on Friday, March 12, at

Our Take:
Go South Dakota! We’d like to see Minnesota, North Dakota, Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Nebraska, Missouri and Kansas pursue similar legislation. That would be a good start. And how about putting federal stimulus money into something that will really stoke up the engine of the U.S. economy.

By Jonathan Eisenthal


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